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Net Worth of Bam Margera’s

Celebrity NameBam Margera 
Net Worth$5 Million 
Date of Birth28th September 1979
Weight70 kg
ProfessionActor, professional skateboarder, stunt performer, musician, Tv personality 
WifeNicole Margera 

American actor, producer, stuntman, and former competitive skater Bam Margera has a net worth of $5 Million. Margera gained prominence for her role in the popular Jackass reality comedy stunt series on MTV.

He rose to fame as a result of the CKY VHS video series. Bam rose to fame after working with the Jackass brothers thanks to his parts in Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union, and Jackass The Movie.

In the middle of the 2000s, the Jackass brothers enjoyed fame, wealth, and every other luxury imaginable. Bam Margera, one of the group’s founding members, has achieved great popularity outside of the Jackass television series and makes millions of dollars a year through sponsorships.

Bam Margera Net Worth$5 Million
Real Name/Full NameBrandon Cole Margera
NickName/Celebrity Name Bam Margera
Birth PlaceWest Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Birthday28th September 1979
Age42 Years 
Weight70 kgs
Sexual OrientationStraight 
Marital StatusMarried 
WifeNicole Margera
ProfessionActor, professional skateboarder, stunt performer, musician, Tv personality
Zodiac SignLibra
Youtube Bam Margera
FacebookBam Margera
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown
Father’s NamePhil Margera
Mother’s NameApril Margera
BrothersJess Margera
SchoolEast High School
CollegeNot attended 
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Main Contract/Movie/TV Show

American professional skateboarder and TV personality Bam Margera has made appearances in both movies and reality TV series. He began his career by making movies of himself, and from 2000 to 2002, he appeared in the reality TV series “Jackass.”

  1.  2023 Jackass Forever (Documentary) (Writer)
  2.  2011 Jackass 3.5 (Video documentary) (concepts by)
  3.  2010 Jackass 3D (Documentary) (concepts by)
  4. 2009 Minghags
  5. 2009CKY: The Making of ‘A#1 Roller Rager’ (TV Movie) 
  6. 2008 Where the #$&% Is Santa? (Video) (story)
  7.  2007 Jackass 2.5 (Video documentary)
  8.  2007 Bam Margera Presents Viva La Bands Vol. 2 (Video) (creator)
  9.  2006 Jackass Number Two (Documentary) 
  10. 2005 Jackass: Volume One (Video)
  11.  2005 HIM: The Making of Dark Light (TV Movie documentary)
  12.  2005 Bam Margera Presents HIM: The Making of ‘And Love Said No’ (TV Short) 
  13. 2003-2005 Viva la Bam (TV Series)
  14.  2005 Bam Margera Presents Viva La Bands (Video short) (creator)
  15.  2004 Bam Margera Presents HIM: The Making of ‘The Sacrament’ (TV Movie)  
  16.  2003 HIM: The Making of ‘Buried Alive by Love’ (TV Short documentary) 
  17.  2003 CKY Trilogy: Round 1 (Video) (creator) 
  18.  2003 CKY Trilogy: Round 2 (Video)
  19.  2003 Haggard (Video) 
  20.  2002 Jackass: The Movie (Documentary) 
  21.  2001 CKY 3 (Video)
  22.  2000-2001 Jackass (TV Series) 
  23.  2000 CKY2K (Video documentary) 
  24.  1999  Landspeed: CKY (Video)

Early Life 

The son of Phil and April Margera, Brandon Cole Margera was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on September 28, 1979. He has Welsh, English, Irish, German, and Italian ancestry. His sibling Jess is a rising singer, and his uncle Vincent is well-known in reality television. The drummer for the band “Camp Kill Yourself” was his brother Jess. Bam grew up in a household of actors, including his parents, who were reality television stars. His grandfather gave him the moniker “Bam Bam” when he was three years old in honour of his tendency for banging against walls. Later, his classmates began calling him “Bam.” Early in his adolescence, Boulala, Penny, Maldonado, Keri Getz, Saari, Hoofbite, and other skaters were idolised by Bam, who also took up the sport. He initially enrolled at West Chester East High School for his education but quit after the 11th grade. He has since received his GED.

First Break/Achievement 


He gained notoriety in the early 2000s as a star of the MTV reality stunt programme Jackass and its follow-ups. Jackass is a reality show about a group of extreme sports enthusiasts and stuntmen with high pain thresholds. Each performance consists solely of videotapes of them engaging in risky and foolish antics, such as standing in an upside-down porta-potty or engaging in bear wrestling while donning a bear costume.

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“I just say,” Do what you do and have fun doing it and try not to be too miserable” 



The career of Bam Margera is incredibly diverse. Margera began his professional skating career in 1997 and 1998. Margera began by independently releasing his CKY video series after initially shooting himself and his friends doing tricks and skateboarding. Jeff Tremaine developed a fascination for Margera’s CKY movies. Tremaine chose Margera to be a part of the team that would subsequently be the centre of MTV’s Jackass reality series, with the other CKY crew members playing varying degrees of supporting roles. He was able to exploit the popularity of the Jackass franchise for new projects, the most prominent of which were his two television shows.

  1. Skateboarding 

Margera began his professional skating career in 1997 and 1998 while being sponsored by Toy Machine Skateboards. He joined the Element Skateboards demonstration team, Squad Element, in 2001; however, as of 2016, he was no longer a part of the crew. The brands Fairman’s Skateshop, Volcom, Landspeed Wheels, Destroyer Trucks, Electric Sunglasses, Adio Footwear, and Speed Metal Bearings were among those that periodically sponsored him. Even though he has mostly stopped skateboarding and no longer has any large sponsors, Margera still skates on occasion as of 2017.

  1. Film 

Margera has contributed as a writer, producer, and actor to three independent films. He was able to exploit the popularity of the Jackass franchise for new projects, the most prominent of which were his two television shows. Margera and his crew were the focus of his first programme, Viva La Bam, which was primarily filmed in his hometown of West Chester and broadcast on MTV for five seasons between 2003 and 2005. MTV also produced Bam’s Unholy Union, a Viva La Bam spinoff (2007).

Real Estate Portfolio 

Bam invested $1.195 million in a 14-acre plot of land in West Chester, Pennsylvania, in January 2004. He transformed the land into what is now known as “Castle Bam” over time. The location, which was prominently featured in his show “Viva La Bam,” has a BMX track, indoor skatepark, swimming pool, and more: Bam owns another house nearby, which is useful because he occasionally rents out Castle Bam for events and as an Airbnb.


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Zodiac Sign 

He is a Libra.. Work can be a playground for Libra’s imagination. Working on projects they are passionate about and with a fantastic team will make their job enjoyable. Imagining new tasks to complete and difficulties to overcome is a passion for Librans. This mindset has always been present in Bam Margera’s personal documentaries and episodes of MTV Jackass.

Personal Life 

Although Margera and Jenn Rivell’s seven-year union ended in 2005, Margera was still engaged to the actress, who was a frequent character in his early works. In 2006, he became engaged to Melissa “Missy” Rothstein, a childhood friend. The MTV series “Bam’s Unholy Union” provided a detailed account of their wedding planning and reception. In November 2012, they finalised their divorce. On October 5, 2013, Margera married Nicole Boyd; their son was born in Iceland in December 2017.


  1. Does Bam Margera have a kid?

    Yes, Bam Margera has a son with his now wife Nicole Margera

  2. Does Bam Margera still skate?

    Now that Bam Margera is 42 years old, he does not pursue skating.

  3. Is Bam Margera still sponsored by element?

    As of 2016 Bam Margera is no longer sponsored by element.

  4. What’s Bam Margera’s real name?

    Bam Margera’s real name is Brandon Cole Margera.

  5. Who is Bam Margera married to?

    Bam Margea is married to Nicole Margera.


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