BTS’ Jin gets red in the cheeks during the latest talk show engagement while rocking to the famous track Super Tuna 

With regard to his famous song Super Tuna, Jin has had a love-hate relationship. The BTS member can’t help but bust a move to the music, even though he always calls it ridiculous. Check out the pair grooving out to Jin’s trending song before they arrive on Youngji’s talk program!

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Despite being ashamed of his viral hit Super Tuna, Jin continues to groove out to the classic tune. The BTS member was spotted bopping along to it as he prepared to participate on a well-known YouTube chat programme.

You were correct, eagle-eyed ARMY! On October 7, Jin will be the next guest on the My Alcohol Diary podcast by rapper Lee Young-ji. Now that the episode’s trailer has officially been released, it’s safe to conclude that the relationship between the two is anything but harmonious.

If you didn’t know, K-pop fans love Young-YouTube ji’s talk programme My Alcohol Diary! Fans have adored the show for its openness since it features performances from well-known K-pop idols including Hoshi from Seventeen, Key from SHINee, Chaeryeong from ITZY, and numerous others.

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Several memorable moments have been provided to viewers of the show, including Hoshi of Seventeen sobbing over his love for his record label and Chaeyoung of TWICE admitting that she has never once been asked out.

The final episode of the show is scheduled to air, so they’ve chosen to go out on a high note. The “superstar” who invited Jin from BTS made everyone laugh with his endearing and entertaining actions. The BTS member joined the presenter in the bar while he appeared on the program in a laid-back outfit.

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The host asked her employees to play Super Tuna during the commotion. This song has frequently caused Jin to confess his humiliation, and this occasion was no exception. Jin complained about the viral success, saying, “I sincerely wish that not many people are familiar with this song. That is really embarrassing! Even though he was complaining about the song, he still busted a move to it. 

See the teaser right here:


BTS has been currently promoting their hit singles in the meantime, on the group front. However, as part of South Korea’s push for the World Expo 2030, the group is scheduled to perform for free on October 15 KST in Busan. In addition, BTS will give a group performance at the 2023 Fact Music Awards in Seoul.

He discussed how the other BTS members responded after learning that he was the first male solo artist to ever receive a renowned daesang award, making history in his native country of Korea. They commended me!

Jin previously revealed that RM once humorously remarked that he would now be receiving all daesang awards because they wanted another free gift coupon or something equally bizarre. Jin acknowledged that he would only take part if someone else joined them if they were ever chosen to appear on Dancing With The Stars.


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