10 Things You Can Learn From Breaking Bad

People say life is beautiful! Because they haven’t seen its darker side. Life can be great one moment and then flip 180 degrees, showing you what harm it is capable of inflicting.  

There have been many TV series based on life going wrong, and how the protagonist decides to take back control. 

‘Breaking Bad’ talks about Professor Walter White trying to balance his life after he gets diagnosed with cancer.  

Welcome to WatchTank, and here are ten things you can learn from Breaking Bad. 

Cast and crew of Breaking Bad at the Waldorf Astoria
Cast and crew of Breaking Bad at the Waldorf Astoria -PHOTO by: Alex Oliveira/startraksphoto.com -AOH_7638

10. One Step Ahead 

When you compete against a foe or someone who doesn’t wish the best for you, you should try to make the most of your capabilities and stay ahead of your competitor. 

One case in the series is that Professor Walter White uses his knowledge of chemistry to create crystal meth that was more powerful and efficient than the usual one available in the market. 

As a result of his efforts, he started gaining more clients, putting him not one, but several steps ahead of other drug makers. 

9. On-Time, Every Time 

No matter what, you will have to get things done. If you want to stay afloat in business, it is your responsibility to make sure that things that need to be accomplished are accomplished in a limited timeframe. For example, Prof Walter White and his partner Jesse Pinkman are slogging to ensure that they get their goal to keep their business afloat in uncertain times and that they are not shafted by their enemies, who are on a constant hunt for them. Being particular about their goals helps them not only to make money but also to survive. 

8. Never Work For The Ungrateful 

Unfortunately, the whole premise of the show is based on this lesson. Walter White is tirelessly working for his wife and his teenage son because he is diagnosed with cancer and is likely to die as a result of it. However, throughout the series, we get to see the cold and uncaring behavior of his wife. On the other hand, his son seems confused and does not understand his father’s struggle. All the efforts put by Prof. Walter White are about collecting enough funds to help his family stay financially safe when he is not around anymore.  

Do you think that Walter’s efforts were all going in vain? Let us know in the comments below. 

7. Studying Hard Is Worth The Effort 

Prof. Walter White is a chemistry professor in a highschooland knows the basics and advanced concepts of chemistry. This knowledge makes him trouble for the drug peddlers and crime syndicates who are already in the business. We aren’t implying that your expertise or education should be put to illegal use. However, the point here stands true that when you have good knowledge of a particular domain, as a result of studying hard, you have moved steps ahead towards making life simpler for you and your family. 

6. No Plan? No Success 

Planning is an essential ingredient if you want to get the desired results. As someone had rightly said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In the series, every major decision by Prof. Walter White is well thought out and planned ahead. The reason he has to prepare well and plan for most times is that the type of environment he deals within his line of trade (no, not education) is hazardous and filled with deception and subsequent traps. No wonder, “Heisenberg” has to consider these factors, which are an essential process of his planning. 

5. Studying Hard Pays Off 

Prof. Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg, is a chemistry professor at a high school. No wonder he knows a lot about chemistry! At the core, the show shows what he could do and what he should not do in a world where social intelligence and hustling rules the roost. Walter is a guy with a family and no contacts in the world of the drug trade. However, what he has is an education in a very relevant field to the darkness he has ventured into. That study, the hard work, and that degree has finally paid off in a much more lucrative way than teaching. 

4. You Will Need A Strong Team 

If we see Walter’s work from another perspective, we can see that he runs a business. However, no matter how knowledgeable and smart he is, he cannot do everything on his own. He will need a team to build things from bottom up. This is where he ropes in Jesse Pinkman to work with him. Pinkman serves as an extra muscle for all the endeavors that Walter undertakes. However, sometimes his role becomes dispensable to Walter’s missions. Had Walter been on his quest to earn enough cash for his family, he would have failed eventually. Walter built a team and marched forward along with his team. 

Do you think that getting a group of capable people is a trial-and-error process? If yes, how? Let us know in the comments section below. 

3. Define Your Success 

The term “success” is very vague because everyone’s definition of success differs. In the series, Walter marks what he wants and why he wants it and how will it help him rest in peace. Literally. 

Walter is diagnosed with cancer, and his goal is to provide his family with enough cash to help them carry the burden of their living expenses when he’s gone. That is what “success” means for this humble man. He wants to get things done for his family. So what is your definition of success? Have you ever figured it out? 

2. Obstacles Are Omnipresent 

No matter whatever field you are working in, you will always have to face obstacles in some form. Obstacles are the undesirables that keep you from getting a goal. 

However, they are also a part of your learning experience. Constraints help you understand your errors and possibly your potential mistakes before you make them. As Walter White sets on the journey to encash  his knowledge, he faces trouble from everywhere. He has to ensure that he stays clear of the authorities and other drug peddlers who want to bring him down, which prepares him to be stronger and better equipped to fight. 

Before we get to our number one pick, we would like to talk about a few more things. 

If you have the eye for it, you must notice that Walter White pursues his journey as a passion. He is sincere, dedicated, and right on the spot to get things done. His journey into the world of mind-altering drugs has almost become his passion because all he knows is that his family needs money to survive after he is gone. 

Walter also builds a vast network of people who can aid him while he is in trouble or get him hooked to resources whenever he needs them in desperation. 

1. Winning Matters 

Winning may not be everything, but it is the only thing that matters at the end of the day – especially in this series. 

All the hard work, dedication, efforts, and resources you have put so far have given you some positive results. You cannot be complacent about what you get in return. Sometimes, you have to define your winning; at others, it is objective. If you fail to succeed, life will eventually give you the shorter end of the stick. 

‘Breaking Bad’ almost became a cult classic in the early 2010s and will be remembered for many aspects. If you think there is more to learn from this series, we would like to know your opinion in the comments below. 

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