2022 FIFA World Cup releases highlights of draw

Drama unveiled at the final draw for the 2022 FIFA world cup was held in Qatar on Friday, revealing yet another exciting season for the competition.  

Fifa 2022 Draw Highlights
Qualified teams for the Fifa World Cup 2022

This year’s FIFA World Cup will be the first one that is not scheduled in its usual competition months of May, June, or July. Instead, the event will occur in November and December and will happen on a reduced timeframe of 28 days. 

The scheduled group draw is as follows: 

  • Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands 
  • Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales/Ukraine/Scotland 
  • Group C: Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Saudi Arabia 
  • Group D: Tunisia, France, Denmark, Peru/UAE/Australia 
  • Group E: Japan, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica/New Zealand 
  • Group F: Morocco, Croatia, Canada, Belgium 
  • Group G: Switzerland, Cameroon, Brazil, Serbia 
  • Group H: South Korea, Ghana, Portugal, Uruguay 

One of the exciting matches is between the US and England.  

“We think it’s a good group. We know every opponent in the World Cup is difficult, but with England, you get an exciting matchup. With Iran, it’s a diverse opponent, and they’ve done well in qualifying, and then we’ll have to wait to see who the third opponent is,” US coach Greg Berhalter said. 

“Overall, I am pleased with the group and excited to get started. We played Wales recently in a friendly game. We know Scotland and their history. And then with Ukraine, you’re pulling for them naturally just because of everything that’s going on, and you want to give the people hope and spirit, so it would be nice to see Ukraine pull through,” he further added.  

He also praised England coach Gareth Southgate in his statement. “When I first took the job as a national team coach, I looked to him as a mentor and respected what he’s doing. I am looking forward to competing against England. When I got the job, I reached out to him and asked if he’d be interested in telling me more about international football and being the guy Gareth is, he was more than happy to have those conversations, and we’ve kept in touch.” 

Meanwhile, the England coach Gareth Southgate praised the US team and his rapport with Berhalter.  

“They’ve got some very good players, and we know what they could be capable of as a nation. That’s an intriguing game,” he said.  

When asked about the potential round with other opponents, he said. “We have to get out of the group first. What we’ve done well is we’ve approached these tournaments by looking at the group, getting out of the group, and then building from there.” 

Among the groups, Group E is considered intriguing. It comprises the two champions, Spain and Germany, who won the tournament in 2010 and 2014, respectively. 

Other must-see matches in respective groups are as follows: 

  • Group A: Netherlands vs. Senegal 
  • Group B: England vs. the USA 
  • Group C: Mexico vs. Poland 
  • Group D: Denmark vs. Tunisia 
  • Group E: Spain vs. Germany 
  • Group F: Croatia vs. Canada 
  • Group G: Serbia vs. Switzerland
  • Group H: Portugal vs. Uruguay 

Out of 32 nations in the tournament, 29 countries actively participated in FIFA. The tournament’s final match is expected to be played on May 28, 2023. 

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