Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s next chapter starts on April 12

Final Fantasy’s best girl has her adventure in patch 6.1. Tataru Taru is the hardest working lalafell in Eorzea. Period. She is a queen. She is at the moment. She’s the reason Eorzea is still up because she makes sure the people whose job it is to protect her have had a snack, water, and a nap.  

It’s time for her to have her story change. And while I know her role is mainly administrative, I hope there’s a future in which she can dust off her Arcanist tome and join us for a dungeon crawl or two. 

Patch 6.1 will implement the Trust system for A kingdom is reborn dungeons, which means instead of waiting ages in a dungeon queue, you can team up with AI-controlled NPCs to complete a dungeon instead. The Final Fantasy XIV, The team is working to slowly roll out the Trust system to the rest of the previous expansions. 

There’s also a new raid, Myths of the Realm: Aglaia, which involves the 12 gods of Eorzea, ​​something that was hinted towards the end of Endwalker. There will also be a new PvP battle, various class changes, and for catboys, new hairstyles for Hrothgar. 

There’s so much happening in Patch 6.1, and it’s the perfect opportunity to engage with the game outside of the main story questline. Update 6.1 new adventure launching April 12. 

Final Fantasy Xiv Endwalker
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The easiest way to describe Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is to call it a game about hope. That’s not a unique descriptor since, to some degree, all Final Fantasy games, MMORPG or otherwise, are about hope. Not Final Fantasy VIII, though—that game is about child soldiers and hot dogs. 

However, despite Endwalker’s unwavering commitment to “the power of friendship,” it’s the game’s objective to look at the other side of hope—oppressive and omnipresent despair—and the real strength it takes to maintain that hope in the face of such pain that makes it the best Final Fantasy experiences I’ve had in 30-plus years of the series’ existence. 

In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the latest expansion of the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG, your character and their rag-tag group of mercenaries for hire masquerading as a benevolent, non-governmental organization are tasked with averting the second occurrence of The Final Days, an apocalyptic event that sundered the world and all its people a millennium or so previous.  

Through the events of the last expansion, you learn that the evil force Zodiark is key to unlocking the mystery of why the Final Days have returned, necessitating a trip to his prison on the moon. Because this is a JRPG and a Final Fantasy game, the plot isn’t as straightforward as that. 

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