How did Chumlee fare? Age, Marital Status, Weight Loss, and Net Worth Of Chumlee On Pawn Stars

What did happen To Chumlee: Chumlee is an American businessman and reality television star. Several more people are curious as to what actually occurred to him. The story regarding the Incident With Chumlee is available below.


Chumlee is an American entrepreneur and reality television star. Austin Lee Russell is Chumlee’s real identity. His performances on the History Channel television program Pawn Stars have made him renowned. He appears to be working at a Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, and that program depicts the daily operations therein.

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CHUMLEE: Legal Issues

Chumlee’s residence was searched on March 9, 2016, as part of a probe into accusations of sexual assault. Authorities found crystal meth, marijuana, Xanax, and numerous firearms while searching his home. 

Additionally, there was substantiation of possible cocaine use. Chumlee was detained but later freed on bail; his initial court appointment was scheduled on March 11, 2016.

On May 23, 2016, Chumlee was accused of 20 felonies, comprising allegations involving drugs and guns. In a settlement that demands three years of incarceration and treatment, Russell’s attorney, David Chesnoff, acknowledged that Russell had pled remorseful to a felony weapons charge (ownership of a handgun without a license) and a severe crime of attempting to obtain drugs.

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On September 8, 1982, Chumlee was born in Henderson, Nevada. He is 39 years old. Because of his broad face and chin, Russell earned the moniker “Chumlee” when he was around 12 years old. He and Corey Harrison were childhood buddies. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop was founded in 1989 by Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison’s father, and Richard Harrison, Corey’s grandpa. In the period leading up to the first season’s production, Chumlee had been an employee at the pawnshop for five years.

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CHUMLEE: Marital Status

Chumlee is now a bachelor. However, he had previously been wed to Olivia Rademann. According to reports, he wed Olivia Rademann at the Royal Hawaiian Waikiki in May 2018. Chumlee and Olivia Rademann began a relationship in 2016. He organized a pre-wedding party in March 2019 for close friends, particularly the Pawn Stars cast members. In Hawaii, Chumlee wed Olivia in a discreet ceremony. After she erased all of her Instagram images in October 2019, they allegedly broke up.

CHUMLEE: Weight Loss

Chumlee has shown a significant decrease in weight. He claimed on Sunday to have shed 160 pounds. After gaining 350 pounds in January 2019, Chumlee told the publication that he was “weary” of fighting his overweight and had decided to change. According to UCLA Health, Chumlee’s gastric sleeve operation routinely removes 75 to 80% of the stomach.

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CHUMLEE: Net Worth

Chumlee is $5 Million in wealth. When he was 21, he began working for the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Before making an appearance in the first season of the reality television series Pawn Stars in July 2009, he also worked there for five years. He was responsible for loading merchandise, writing tickets for consumer purchases, and testing merchandise.


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