Hubble Space Star Telescope spots Earendel, the most distant star ever-known

NASA’S Hubble space telescope has set infinite records in the last three decades, including its latest magnificent accomplishment. Hubble has served for long years with incredible discoveries and records. It has been used by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and STS Institute to spot the distant star.  

The star is at an enormous distance which is 12.8 billion light-years away. Hubble got assistance from a massive gravitational lens to spot the star, a natural phenomenon function similar to a highly potent magnifying glass known as the sunrise Arc.  

Evolution of detecting the early Universe

With its aid, it unveiled the distant star officially named WHL0137-LS, but the astronomers nicknamed it after the morning star, known as Earendel. This discovery had broken the previous records, a star discovered in 2018 where its light took 9 billion years to reach the telescope.  

Nasa commented on breaking the record of the farthest individual star by posting a picture, saying, “Observing Earendel can be thought of as looking at a very old photo of a young person who lived a long time ago or hearing the oldest recording of a singer who is long gone.” 

The Sunrise arc has helped to discover distant objects in other regions often. The gravitational lens is formed due to a massive cluster of galaxies that sits between Earendel and us. A ripple in the fabric of space provides maximum magnification, and brightening causes the star Earendel to pop out.  

This ripple is defined as ‘caustic’ in optics. While the team was trying to find the lensing effect of the sunrise Arc, they accidentally discovered the ancient star. Generally, the lenses are irregular and complex to predict, but the models predicted the magnification power.  

“We almost didn’t believe it at first. It was so much farther than the previous most distant, highest redshift star. Normally at these distances, entire galaxies look like small smudges, with the light from millions of stars blending,” said the astronomer Brian Welch.  

“The galaxy hosting this star has been magnified and distorted by gravitational lensing into a long crescent that we named the Sunrise Arc.” he further added. “Studying Earendel will be a window into an era of the universe that we are unfamiliar with, but that led to everything we do know. We’ve been reading a really interesting book, but we started with the second chapter, and now we will have a chance to see how it all got started.”  

By its small light point, the team assumes it is an individual star or a binary system. According to NASA, the Earendel died long ago, which appeared on earth as it did when the universe was not more than a billion years old. If the assumption became true, the individual star could be 50 times larger and millions of times brighter than the sun.  

To study deep the sky across ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, Hubble plans to cooperate with NASA’S newly launched James Webb Space Technology. They will scrutinize more inventions on distant stars like Earendel besides galaxies, exoplanets, and our solar system.  

The new revelation set a benchmark for Hubble space by discovering the light of the star that existed after the universe’s birth in the big bang.  

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