Jin from BTS will be on Lee Young-show, ji’s and #VMINKOOK is trending as the members get together for dance practice.


  • Jin from BTS will perform on Lee Young-variety ji’s programme, No Prepare.
  • Before their appearance at a concert and music awards event, #VMINKOOK regroup for a dance rehearsal.
  • On October 15, BTS will provide a free performance.

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A busy month is in store for the BTS Army. The variety programme No Prepare with Lee Young-ji will feature a performance from Member Jin. Jin would make an appearance in the 13th episode of the drama, according to a recent release. 

Many superstars have appeared on Lee Young-show, ji’s but Jin’s entrance will undoubtedly be the episode’s biggest feature. It will be broadcast on October 20. The supporters were thrilled by the news.

Aside from that, on October 7, V, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-hope appeared to have reconnected for dancing practise. V uploaded a number of videos and selfies from what appeared to be their practise space. 

Following V’s sharing of a selfie video, #VMINKOOK became trending on Twitter. After a break, the trio posted a video, and the supporters couldn’t contain their excitement.

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Today’s The Fact Music Award presentation will feature a performance by BTS. They’ll also take the stage together on October 15 as part of a concert held to support Busan’s bid for the World Expo. With no fans receiving free tickets, the show will be the largest ever. It is a global organization’s first “free concert.”

Meanwhile, South Korea’s cultural minister recently made the guarantee that the debate regarding BTS’ military enrollment will soon be resolved. Before December, the issue needs to be rectified.

2013 saw the launch of the international band BTS. They are currently the largest group in the entire world.

Fans observe a difference in host Lee’s appearance –

  • A preview trailer for the forthcoming episode that features Jin was just published online.
  • Keen viewers also picked up on Lee’s new appearance for this show immediately.
  • She typically goes bare-faced, but the promo portrayed her all dressed and glamorous.
  • Some viewers believed the unique alteration in her appearance was for Jin, even though she probably transformed the show’s finale.


BTS will give a collective performance on October 15 –

  • Significantly, a free performance featuring BTS will be held on October 15 to support South Korea’s bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo.
  • Jin’s military enrollment dilemma recently garnered the band’s media attention.
  • The South Korean government will determine whether Jin will be spared from the 18-month military duty required of all physically capable adult males before the age of 30 before December as he approaches 30 this year.

After discovering the rapper was pursuing the worldwide superstar, fans anticipated that BTS’s Jin would make an appearance on Lee Young Ji’s YouTube variety show, “No Prepare,” about two weeks ago.

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The well-liked YouTube program No Prepare is hosted by the rapper Lee Young Ji. The sexiest K-Pop idols are among the famous guests she hosts in her flat. As the episodes are centered on their alcohol-fueled partying, she frequently makes little to no preparations.


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