Korean Behemoth Netmarble To Launch Metaverse and NFT Games

New games that use blockchain and metaverse technologies

Netmarble, a South Korean online gaming company, has revealed intentions to release a dozen new games based on blockchain and metaverse technology. 

A few of the latest games included are A3:Still Alive, Everybody’s Marble:Metaworld, MIR4, DeFi Kingdoms, Guild of Guardians, CryptoBeasts, and Axie Infinity. These games feature cutting-edge metaverse and blockchain technology, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the virtual world.

Still Alive By Netmarble (to be released in March)

A3:Still Alive is the company’s most recent gaming project and will debut in Korea in March 2023. It is a play-to-earn game that allows gamers to utilize bitcoin to monetize intangible in-game goods like weaponry.

It will pioneer a new gaming genre by mixing the popular Battle Royale game shows with Korea’s popular multiplayer role-playing game genre. 

Gaming Company - Netmarble
Korean behemoth netmarble to launch metaverse and nft games 2

In the classic Battle Royale, ten teams of three players battle against each other until only one trio is left. Characters such as archer, paladin, assassin, sorcerer, and berserker will appear in the game. 

Employing a Battle Royale of 30 players, A3: Still Alive advances to a parallel multiverse cataclysmic atmosphere. Players must be watchful in an always-open player versus player (PvP) environment as they fight against foes with violent hack and slash action and test their tenacity in various PvP and player versus environment (PvE) modes. 

A3: Still Alive is brilliantly created with stunning console-quality 3D visuals that come to life owing to the Unity Engine’s exceptional optimization.

Created over three years, the game is a combined effort of over 120 people. It was made feasible due to a combination between Netmarble’s publishing skills and Idea Games’ steadfast commitment to the A3 IP. 

MIR4 By Wemade

MIR4 tells the story of a destroyed Asian country’s princess who flees from an ambitious ruler who wants to capture and marry her to ascend to the throne. 

Users can choose between warrior, lancer, Taoist, sorcerer, or archer as their role. The goal is to work with a grandmaster and his pupils to save the princess and uncover the secrets surrounding her hidden abilities.

MIR4 is a 3D multiplayer online role-playing game by Wemade that builds on the popularity of the company’s previous game, The Legend of Mir 2, which had 500 million global users. 

MIR4 is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind “play-to-earn” mechanism, letting users convert in-game resources into marketable crypto assets. Users who acquire 100,000 pieces of black steel, the game’s most valuable material, may smelt them into one Draco, the company’s blockchain-based token. One Draco is estimated to be worth roughly $3 by Wemade. It would change the quantity of black steels that players may make into one Draco regularly to maintain the value of the cryptocurrency. The Draco ecosystem offers investment potential for the medium to long term.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a game, a DEX, a liquidity pool, and a market for unique utility-driven non-fungible tokens (NFTs), all of which are presented in the immensely evocative style of fantasy graphics. 

The JEWEL token, the DEX, the Gardens, the NFT assets (Heroes, Equipment, and Kingdoms), and the gaming activities that can be conducted with those NFTs are all part of the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem. 

The group ensures to combine parts of DeFi into a more enjoyable and dynamic game that can be played like a videogame with daily tasks to enhance and obtain rare NFTs.

DeFi is more concerned with money and token creation than with gaming. Players may presently access the Portal, Docks, Tavern, Marketplace, Gardens, Bank, Meditation Circle, and Wishing Well in DeFi Kingdom. 

At present, DeFi is mostly a DeFi-centric project, with a strong emphasis on in-game apparel. Lands, pets, buildings, equipment, guilds, PvE, and PvP are among the fascinating features planned by the technical development team in the future. 

It resembles a crypto-investment platform reimagined as a fantasy role-playing game. The playability of this game-focused product is crucial to retaining players.

Guild Of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a fantasy-themed multiplayer mobile role-playing game (RPG) that allows users to transform their gaming enthusiasm into digital assets. It aspires to be the most refined mobile RPG game globally. 

In a play-to-earn game concept, it employs blockchain technology. Even though there has been a slew of fantasy-themed RPGs released across various platforms, Guild of Guardians maintains the tried-and-true format of assembling a team of heroes, solving dungeons, and collecting resources. 

Anyone with a smartphone can play it because it’s a mobile RPG. Players may construct lucrative in-game objects and new heroes to sell for fiat money by gathering resources. 

The blockchain gaming play-to-earn paradigm is gaining traction since it empowers gamers like never before. The Guild of Guardians ensures that players gain stuff and heroes in the game and own them. Thanks to blockchain technology, all in-game items, heroes, and pets are issued as ERC-721 assets, commonly known as NFTs.

These products will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and sent to anybody with an Ethereum wallet that supports the token standard. 

Rather than being a single-player game, Guild of Guardians focuses on forming communities or guilds. Guilds are a mechanism for people to contribute to the general development of their community. Collaboration is also essential to assemble the greatest ‘guardians’ and deal with the in-game material, which grows more difficult as players progress. 

Gems, the game’s in-game money, can be won and sold with other players, giving the game an added layer of appeal. 


G-Coins are digital coins backed by responsibly sourced physical gold. 

It takes gold into the digital era, broadening its use and opening up new avenues for financial inclusion. It is a digital representation of a genuine asset, unlike cryptocurrencies. It combines the benefits of digital currency innovation with the finest features of conventional gold–stability, security, and monetary confidence. This allows you to send and receive money from the comfort of your phone in real-time securely and at no cost. 

G-Coin was created for financial markets on a platform that can handle thousands of trades at once, has a settlement time of less than one second, and, most importantly, uses blockchain cryptographic methods to provide the greatest levels of security. 

G-Coin tokens are a highly liquid and tradeable asset with a wide range of applications, including an investment, a store of value, and a cash substitute. 

It also ensures supply chain security and ecosystem integrity at the greatest level. Blockchain technology tracks conflict-free and sustainably produced gold from the mine to the vault. 

A G-Coin token is a digital proof of ownership for one gram of responsibly sourced gold held in a high-security vault. It also enables businesses to transport money across borders without middlemen. Users can even change their local money into G-Coin tokens to safeguard their wealth and purchasing power, knowing that there is genuine physical gold in their names that is convertible and vaulted.

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CryptoBeasts is an NFT game based on the Ethereum blockchain characterized as a “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Rare Eggs System” in the official whitepaper. 

Eggland, the crypto animals metaverse, features 10,000 pieces of land numbered 0鈥9999. The rare egg will hatch into a crypto beast after being birthed. 

However, this game does provide some insight into these atrocities. There will be ten different crypto creatures, each with its characteristics and skills. Only when the egg has hatched will these be discovered. The traits and abilities of your egg will remain hidden if you choose not to hatch it. 

Owners of rare eggs will have the opportunity to hatch them and see what kind of crypto creatures they contain, or they can choose to keep their unhatched eggs. 

The crypto monsters NFT game creators have devised a suitable distribution method that will provide later users with the same benefits as early adopters.

CBX Tokens

CBX is a digital asset trading platform focused on delivering secure and professional digital currency trading services to its users. 

All assets in the game have their intrinsic value and purposes, contributing to the ecosystem. 

When a player engages in-game activities, they gather extracts, which are then turned into the CBX token. This can be used to purchase fungible assets or other incredibly rare NFTs in the game. 

CBX is the CropBytes metaverse’s native coin, and once launched, it will serve as multi-functional in-game money, providing players with a decentralized medium of trade. 

CBX would be introduced to provide users in the ecosystem with a safe and efficient form of payment and settlement.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is part of a new gaming trend known as “play-to-earn,” which combines cryptocurrency and gaming. It is a digital pet community where you may purchase animals known as Axies and use them to fight, explore, and breed with other Axies. 

It was created by the game firm Sky Mavis and operated on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. 

Although the game has an 18+ classification, it is aesthetically enticing to younger children due to its Pok茅mon-style design and lack of a precise age-verification mechanism.

To begin, you must first purchase three Axies using Ethereum. The first purchase of these Axies might cost up to $1,500 in bitcoin. Sky Mavis has created its own digital wallet, Ronin, compatible with Axie Infinity. After you’ve linked your Ronin wallet, you’ll be able to buy Axies using it.

As an NFT, Axie has its own unique URL. Even while you’re not playing, Axie Infinity allows you to possess that character as the owner of the NFT.

Blockchain Technology will be used in 70% of Netmarble’s New games

With its announcement to join the metaverse and blockchain area with a series of new games, Netmarble is presently ready to publish 20 new games, with blockchain technology being used in 70% of them.

Because play-to-earn games are now outlawed in Korea due to worries that they may lead to gambling addiction among young children, these games will be directed at international markets.

The Metaverse As described By Bang

According to Bang Jan-Hyuk, founder of Netmarble, the metaverse is a notion for an online, 3D, virtual realm that connects individuals from all walks of life. It would link many platforms, similar to joining several websites using a single browser.

Statement By bang Jan-Hyuk in regards to blockchain-based games designed by Netmarble

Netmarble’s blockchain-based games will combine game enjoyment with intangible assets via NFT.

As the current pandemic has accelerated the virtual world’s growth, now is the most vital moment to establish new businesses in fields ranging from the metaverse to blockchain and NFT. Hence, the gaming industry is expected to become even more significant than it is presently. 

The corporation has waited a long time for a societal agreement that is apprehensive of a negative reaction to the new technology.

Everybody’s Marble: Metaworld, a game that allows virtual real estate purchase

Everybody’s Marble:Metaworld lets people create structures and exchange real estate in a virtual world using NFT for authentication.

Players will exchange virtual currency earned in the mobile game for real money. The goal is to enable users to gain fame and actively participate in virtual world economic activities, from individual game players to businesses.

Purchasing virtual properties in Everybody’s Marble:Metaworld game

Everybody’s Marble:Metaworld will concentrate on the metaverse and digital real estate, allowing users to buy virtual parcels of land to do what they want with it, such as promoting or organizing events, as seen in other games.

Korean Law forbids play-to-earn games

Most new games will be marketed overseas since play-to-earn games are restricted in South Korea. 

The Game Management Committee (GMC) appears to be cracking down on these play-to-earn NFT mobile games in South Korea, with strict gambling, gaming, and age rating restrictions. 

Because monetary incentives in games might be considered prizes, the legislation indicates that it is fair to exclude P2E games from receiving age ratings under the present law.

The Korean gaming industry has also been looking into blockchain and cryptocurrencies other than Netmarble

The South Korean game juggernaut will adopt a two-track strategy in its blockchain business with two control towers. 

The Netmarble Company has disclosed comprehensive intentions for a foray into the blockchain and metaverse businesses. The South Korean game behemoth will adopt a two-track strategy in its blockchain business with two control towers.

While adopting blockchain technology, Netmarble’s headquarters will continue to focus on game creation and distribution. Netmarble F&C, the company’s subsidiary, will create blockchain-based content, such as games, metahuman or virtual humans, and webtoons.

Netmarble is also considering a move into the entertainment industry that would indulge the virtual celebrities that will perform as pop musicians and actors, appear as Netmarble game characters, and be represented by Metaverse Entertainment, the company’s content creation arm.


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