German man gets vaccinated 90 times to sell forged vaccine passes

German officials on Sunday arrested a man who got himself vaccinated 90 times to sell forged vaccination certificates. 

The man in his 60s came from Eastern Germany. He was apprehended after consecutively turning up at the vaccination site for several days to get vaccinated. 

He was reportedly caught at a vaccination center in Eilenburg in Saxony, East Germany when he turned up for vaccination for the second day in a row. 

On further interrogation, the man revealed his intention behind successive vaccination.  

Man Gets Vaccinated 90 Times

“I got vaccinated several times to sell vaccine certificates to others and make some money,” the man said. 

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the man after police discovered forged vaccine certificates in his possession. 

As to who purchased the forged vaccinated cards, he told officers that most of them were anti-vaccine people who didn’t want to get vaccinated but needed vaccine certificates to travel and enter public places like museums, parks, offices, etc. 

German officials didn’t release the suspect’s name for privacy reasons mandated under German law. 

The officials, later on, released the suspect while the investigation continued. The man has been charged with various felonies, including “unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and document forgery,” as reported by DPA. 

According to German authorities, the health impact on the man due to dozens of coved-19 vaccine shots from different vaccine brands is yet to be ascertained. 

Is it safe to get vaccinated multiple times? 

There have been cases where people got vaccinated several times in a row due to mistakes in the past. However, the safety of multiple covid-19 shots is to be ascertained.  

For instance, in March 2021, a man in Ohio, United States, was vaccinated multiple times on the same day due to a doctor’s mistake. An old man named Victor Smith got vaccinated for the first time on January 22 and was scheduled for his second dose on February 25.  

However, after getting his first dose, he developed some serious complications, and as a result, he was admitted to a rehabilitation facility for several days. He was still in the rehab facility when the scheduled time for this second dose arrived.  

So on February 25, he was taken to the vaccination center to get his second jab. However, on the same day, his rehab facility had also planned Covid-19 vaccine shots for the patients admitted into the rehab facility. Thus, he was vaccinated twice on the same day due to a mistaken mix-up. 

According to Live Science, who reported the incident, Victor’s body went into a shock after the third vaccination, and doctors thought he would not make it this time. However, his condition improved later on, and he is recovering well. 

Later, the rehab facility issued a statement and apologized publicly besides condoling Victor and his family members. 

Cases of multiple vaccinations on the same day have been reported in India. However, there is still a lack of concrete data about the health impact of multiple Covid-19 shots within short intervals. 

As far as the health impact of multiple shots of non-Covid-19 vaccines is concerned, sufficient studies have proven that they do not cause any serious health issues. It is mostly because vaccines are made of inactivated or dead viruses. According to the CDC, “getting several vaccines simultaneously does not cause any chronic health problems.” 

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