Molly Shannon gives Aubrey Plaza voice notes. They are a dream come true

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In an interview with TODAY, Plaza touched on her many upcoming projects, saying they were long and rambling. “I can listen to them forever, the dream,” she said.

After spending nearly a year in Italy, Aubrey Plaza has just returned from a trip involving work and play.

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During a recent appearance on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Plaza expressed that he should be able to speak Italian better than he does.

There was no doubt that Plaza was in Sicily working on the much anticipated HBO show “White Lotus.” The show follows interconnected stories of vacationers who have trouble in paradise.

No plot information is available about the show yet, but Plaza elaborated on the “energy” of the set despite being unable to reveal any plot details.

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There was volcanic energy in the air, which we all felt—there was something in the water — there was something in the air. A wild point bred by an active volcano, which we all felt,” she said. “There was a wild energy in the air, which we all absorbed.”

It is incorporated into the show. I believe people will be able to recognize that it is operatic; that the performance is thrilling t as if it had the potential to erupt at any moment.

Plaza plays Harper Spiller, a married woman who goes away with her husband and friends on vacation, creating a role created specifically for her by the role’s creator, Mike White. Jennifer Coolidge is also cast as Tanya McQuoid in the second season, as well as F. Daryl Abraham with a new position in this season, Michael Imperioli with a new character, Tom Hollander with a new role, and Haley Lu Richardson with a new role.

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According to Plaza, the cast had a great time on the set.  Whenever asked to describe a vacation in Italy “White Lotus style,” Plaza replied, “You should not hold back. Do everything you can. Go everywhere. Learn the language. Eat late. Stay five hours. On another night.”

Plaza has taken a couple of shots with co-star Coolidge for the show. Although she could not confirm if they had any together, she confirmed that. Her reply was a simple one: “Of course,” she responded, with a simple smile on her face. In my opinion, there is only one thing I can say about it.”

In addition to “White Lotus,” Plaza is also in Italy filming a movie directed by her husband, Jeff Baena, called “Spin Me Round,” which is set to be released in 2016. This rom-com set in Florence, set to come out on August 19, marks the fifth project they have worked on together.

As Plaza explained, when working with Baena, the two of them have a kind of unspoken, unconscious language that they use. The way we work together on set, the way we cater to each other, the way we work, I like it a lot. I know him so well that he knows how to get what I need. I feel comfortable in his hands, and he knows exactly what to do.”


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