Ness Wadia’s Net Worth

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What is Ness Wadia’s Net Worth?

Celebrity NameNess Wadia
Net Worth$7.9 billion
Salary$80 Million
Date of BirthMay 30, 1972 
Height178 cm
Weight75 kg

Ness Wadia is a businessman with a net worth of 7.9 billion dollars. Wadia is a member of the Wadia household and serves as chief executive of Mumbai Burmah Corporation Limited, which has stakes in the bulk of the Wadia Network businesses, along with an implicit consensus view in Britannia Manufacturing. He served as the associate chief executive of Bombay Dyeing, the Wadia Firm’s leading firm until he resigned in March 2011. Wadia is a founder of the cricket club Punjab Kings in the Indian Premier League.

Around 1993, Wadia began working at Bombay Dyeing as an Internet. In his younger years, he became actively interested in several organizations and intimately associated with advertising and distribution channels for the firm’s garment industries.

Ness Wadia’s Net Worth$7.9 billion
Real Name/Full NameNess Nusli Wadia
Nick NameNess Wadia
Birth PlaceLiverpool, England, UK
BirthdayMay 30, 1972
Age51 years old
Height178 cm
Weight75 kg
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusUnmarried
Zodiac SignGemini
FacebookNess Wadia
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Father’s NameNusli Wadia
Mother’s NameMaureen Wadia
BrothersJehangir Wadia
SchoolThe Cathedral & John Connon School, Fort, Mumbai
CollegeUniversity of Warwick, Coventry, England
Ness Wadia Solo Image
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Wadia Group

Ness Wadia now holds the positions of President of Nationwide Peroxide Ltd and General President of Mumbai Burmah Trade Co. Ltd.  Additionally, he sits on the committees of many Wadia Family firms, including Britannia Manufacturing, as a chairman.

Bombay is home to the Wadia Company, an international corporation in India. In 1736, Lovji Wadia established it. In 1736, Lovji Wadia obtained agreements from the British East India Company to construct ports and vessels in Mumbai. Mumbai would eventually become an essential seaport for British imperial endeavors across Asia through these and other initiatives.

Early Life 

Wadia was raised in Bombay in the Parsi Wadia household. Nusli Wadia, an entrepreneur, and Maureen Wadia, a retired flight attendant, are his parents. Neville Wadia and Dina Wadia’s kid was his dad. His great-grandfather was the child of Sir Ness Wadia. He was instrumental in making Mumbai one of the biggest farm equipment trade hubs on the planet in the 19th century. His grandma was a descendant of Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Following graduation from The Cathedral & John Connon House, Wadia studied world affairs at Tufts University close to Cambridge, Ma, where he later earned his M.Sc.

Since 2011, he has been appointed head on the boards of many of his network firms, including Nowrosjee Wadia and Sons Ltd., Britannia Manufacturing Ltd., and Wadia BSN Ltd. In addition to his own businesses, he also holds directorships in organizations like Industries Ltd. and Gherzi Eastern Ltd.

First Break

Around 1993, Wadia began working at Mumbai Dyeing as an Internet. He was engaged in several groups and was deeply involved in the advertising and wholesale sales of the firm’s textile business in his younger years. He came to Mumbai Dyeing in 2001 and eventually received a promotion to Senior Chief Executive. He was elected to this post on August 1, 2001. He held it until March 2011, when he resigned and was succeeded as chief executive by his younger brother Jehangir. Ness was chosen to lead Mumbai Burmah Trade Company as its chief executive.

“In the future, we’ll need to dream big; even 3000-4000 cr rupees would be less for a business.”

Ness Wadia


Ness Wadia finished his schooling at Laurence College in India before continuing his studies at Millfield College in England. He graduated from Tufts University in Ma with his diploma. The College of Warwick awarded him a doctorate in industrial engineering.

He began acting with the Mumbai Dyeing Company as an apprentice. As an assistant manager, he oversaw the business fabric division’s sales and sales distribution. After completing his education, he joined a new firm by taking the position of Deputy Chairman at Mumbai Dyeing Ltd. His performance soon earned him a promotion to Vice MD of the business. He held that job for over ten years before his brother was given exclusive ownership.

Since 2011, he has been appointed head on the boards of many of his network firms, including Nowrosjee Wadia and Associates Company Limited, Britannia Manufacturing Ltd., and Wadia BSN Company limited. In addition to his own businesses, he also holds directorships in organizations. 

In addition to this, he has been a co-owner of Kings XI Punjab since 2008. He is frequently featured on Top 3 events, where he is shown mingling with celebrities from different industries. For possessing narcotics while on vacation in Japan, a Japanese court gave him a 2-year prison term. He was detained for a short period before being freed and going back to India.

He stepped down in 1998 to finish his dissertation, “Leading to Success in India,” for his master’s in the technology of strategic operations engineering at the University of Warwick. He rejoined Mumbai Dyeing as assistant chief executive in 2001 after earning his university program. He was eventually elevated to the joint chief executive. He was elected to this post on August 1, 2001. He held it until March 2011, when he resigned and was succeeded as chief executive by his younger sibling Jehangir. Ness was chosen to lead Mumbai Burmah Trade Company as its chief executive.

Real Estate Portfolio

Ness lives in the Wadia house, which is situated near the Parvatidevi area in Mumbai.

Zodiac Sign

Ness is a Gemini and was born in The Year of the Rat. He was born in May, and that makes his Zodiac sign Gemini.


Ness owns many cars, with the most prominent of his car collection being the Red Ferrari 348. His family owns numerous vehicles and employs personal drivers.


Ness is on the board of many businesses of the Wadia group. He has a stake in the family’s large conglomerate and business empire. He also runs the Bombay dyeing group.

Personal Life

Wadia partnered with actress Preity Zinta from February 2005 to 2009; their relationship was heavily publicized. Zinta reported Wadia to the Crime Branch on June 13, 2014, claiming that he had assaulted her at an IPL game at the Wankhede on May 30. Wadia sent supplies to the state of Sikkim during the COVID-19 epidemic. A Japanese judge ordered Wadia to two years in prison in April 2019 for narcotics use. The judge also imposed a five-year suspension on the term when it handed down this punishment. It is well known that he supports the Homosexual community.

AgriGator, a B2B marketplace, secures investment from Investment Motivators and Ness Wadia. Ness was sentenced to two years in prison for narcotics use by a municipal court in March 2019 while on vacation skiing in Japan. He acknowledged that he owned the pills. Despite the small amount, the businessman received a 2-year jail term with a 5-year suspension. Wadia eventually left custody and went back to India. Ness was also in the news for hitting his loyal driver for being late and was criticized for the beahviour.


  1. How much does Ness Wadia make?

    He makes around $80 million per year.

  2.  Is Ness Wadia single?

     Yes, he is currently single.

  3. Are Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta married?

    No, they are not married.

  4. What is Ness Wadia’s net worth?

    His net worth is $7.9 billion.

  5. How old is Ness Wadia today?

    He is 51 years old today.

  6. When was Ness Wadia Born?

    He was born on May 30, 1971.

  7. Are Ness Wadia and Jehangir related?

    Yes, they are brothers.

  8. What is the height of Ness Wadia?

    He is 178 cm tall.

  9. Where does Ness Wadia live now?

    He lives in Mumbai.

  10. Does Ness Wadia have children?

    No, he has no children.


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