Paula Patton’s Controversial Fried Chicken Recipe

Paula Patton shared a recipe for fried chicken which was her mother’s favorite, but it went directly into a roasting recipe list. The video made the buzz and left the fans bewildered. While sharing, Patton did not see the ridiculed days ahead. One week later, the video went viral, and people were bashing her in various ways. 


The 46-year-old American actress and producer made her debut in 2005 and rose into fame through “mission impossible.” With her cult films and performance, she gained huge fan followers worldwide.


Last month, she shared the recipe clip on Instagram showing how she cooks the poultry. In the video, the actress explained how she cooks snafus when she adds seasonings to grease, and chicken lacks proper washing and cleaning before cooking. The video went viral through repetitive sharing on TikTok and Twitter a few weeks later. 

Since then, many made reaction videos, and fans ridiculed her cooking skills. The first share was on April 4 on Twitter, saying, “Paula Patton just ruined my day.”

Video created a sensation when more users reacted, and made more memes about the “Mercy” actress pseudo-cooking show started to drop in. Another person added,”Paula, please go take a chicken frying class cos that’s just ridiculous.”

“Paula Patton needs to start with something easier like toasting bagels,” someone commented.

Some even did not hesitate to question her biracial baking styles, enquiring from where she inherited her frying skills, her white mother, or from African-American father. 

“Dear Black People: Spend more time with your mixed children and teach them how to properly make Black and Southern food. Paula Patton’s chicken is a disgrace to our cuisine,” said a user. 

Where someone tingles on this statement by saying, “On behalf of biracial people everywhere, I want to say Paula Patton doesn’t represent our cooking at all. Don’t put that mess on us. Someone just taught her wrong.”

Others trolled her, “Paula Patton’s chicken is like eating dry cap’n crunch and then drinking milk.”

Amid these, some users show full support to the “precious” actress against the biracial comments.

They argued that Patton’s cooking had nothing to do with her mixed-race ethnicity. “The issue isn’t Paula Patton’s mom is white. She’s not southern. Southern white women know how to fry chicken,” they wrote.

Some users also criticized her married life and divorce, making witty statements that “they do away” star’s cooking was the solid reason for her divorce from ex-husband Robin Thicke in 2014.

“Robin Thicke every morning after eating Paula Patton’s fried chicken when they were married,” one user tweeted alongside a meme of gagging and convulsing man.

Another commented, “I see part of why Robin Thicke cheated on Paula Patton. Mama was feeding them raw chicken.”

The “Deja vu” star responded to the outrage, “It’s all good because everybody’s got their way of making things,” Paula said in her April 5 Instagram post. “And I’ll take suggestions, I’ll make a new kind of fried chicken, but I’m always going to make my mom’s chicken the way she did it. We put the seasoning in the oil and all that. It’s just the way we do it,” she further included.


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