Raamdeo Agrawal’s Net Worth

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Raamdeo Agrawal’s Net Worth 

Celebrity name Raamdeo Agrawal 
Net worth$1billion
Date of birth June 7, 1953
Gender Male 
Height 1.91m 
Profession Businessman 
WifeSunita Agrawal 

Raamdeo Agrawal, a businessperson, entrepreneur and, is a bilingual speaker. His enormous net worth is $1 billion. The fact that he was a founding member of Modern Group in 1991, served as its CEO from that year until 2006, and was a member of the board of managing directors until 2010 makes him most known in those capacities. The Forbes India Businessman of the Year award was given to him in 2006.

Zodiac sign Virgo 
Sexual orientation Straight 
Marital status Married 
Instagram N/a
Twitter Raamdeo
Facebook N/a
YouTube N/a
Eye color N/a
Hair color N/a
Father N/a
Brother N/a
CollegeInstitute of Chartered Accountants of India 
Religion Hinduism 
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Early life and Education

Raamdeo Agrawal comes from Raipur, Chattisgarh, and is the son of a farmer. And because he comes from a farming background, he had the idea to save and invest money in children. But he also finished the Chartered Accountant programme when he moved to Mumbai to continue his higher schooling.

Agrawal began his career as a sub-broker in 1987 after studying chartered accounting in Mumbai. By 1990, he had accomplished becoming a stockbroker and had also started making his own stock market investments.

He first met Motilal Oswal, his partner and closest coworker, in Mumbai. They shared a hostel and their paths eventually collided. Oswal presented Agrawal as an outstanding student who was curious about the company’s financial reports and balance sheet records. 

Personal life

His ancestors are from Rajasthan. He is wed to Mrs. Sunita Agarwal, and the couple has a son named Vaibhav Agarwal.


In 1987, Motilal Oswal and Raamdeo Agrawal founded Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd (MOFSL) as a brokerage firm.

In 2005, the business started working in investment banking. In 2006, it launched a private equity fund.

Peninsular Capital Markets, a broking firm with offices in Cochin, Kerala, was purchased by Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. in February 2006 for Rs. 35 crore.

To provide its consumers with online trading, the company entered into partnerships with State Bank of India in 2006, Punjab National Bank in 2007, and Axis Bank in 2013.

The Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company, a mutual fund company, was established by Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. in January 2010. (MOAMC). 

Aspire Home Finance Corporation Limited was created by Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. in 2013. (AHFCL). In India, the organisation provides loans for housing, building, composite, improvement, and extension. 


  • The Outstanding Institution Builder of the Year award goes to Mr. Motilal Oswal, Chairman and MD, at the AIMA Managing India Awards.
  • At the Global ACEF Customer Engagement Awards, Motilal Oswal won GOLD for marketing effectiveness (for ThinkEquity). 
  • Three trophies are given to Motilal Oswal TV Ad at the ABBY Awards for Creative Excellence.
  • The CNBC TV18 – India Business Leadership Awards presented the Brand of the Year Award to Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.
  • Forbes’ 2017 list of the Super 50 Companies includes MOFSL.
  • At India’s Best Market Analyst Honors 2014, India’s largest Financial Market Awards also known as ZEE Business Awards 2014, Motilal Oswal Securities won two awards for its equities research in the IT and commodity (FX) divisions. 

Raamdeo Agrawal’s Top Investing Advice

Await fruitful results

Raamdeo Agrawal is of the opinion that the longer you wait, the better the outcome will be. He once claimed that although he began in 1987 with nothing, by 1990 he had amassed a million dollars. The early years were difficult for Motilal Oswal. But within 18 months of the Harshad Mehta scandal, they had made 30 crores. He offers encouragement by stating that it is impossible to foresee the market and that patience and faith are essential. Having patience can lead to greater rewards than expected. 

Have faith in QGLP 

Quality, Growth, Longevity, and Price, according to Agrawal, should be taken into account while buying a stock. Raamdeo Agrawal claims he was always conscious of the management. It is crucial to first conduct research to see whether the company issuing the stock has a good, honest, and transparent management team. He also advises considering a shareholding in a developing business. Making better selections about stocks can be aided by knowing their value both now and in the future. Concentrate on investing in stocks with a bright future and growth potential. Additionally, he advises investors to put their money into well-established businesses.

Spend Money on Companies You Understand 

Understanding the company you want to invest in is always vital before making a decision. To become convinced about the company, conduct study. What makes the investment successful is realising the numerous risks involved and choosing a strategy that works well for you.

Permanent Investments

Raamdeo Agrawal advises always making long-term investments. According to him, you should always invest when you have extra cash and sell when you really need the money. For investors, market volatility can occasionally be problematic. It is crucial to buy stocks at a fair price and sell them when necessary because of this.The investor can better endure short-term volatility and other illogical human responses to the stock market by making long-term investments. Investor response to a specific circumstance has an ongoing impact on the stock market. 

Real estate

Raamdeo Agarwal paid Rs 46.29 crore for a luxurious duplex flat with a view of the ocean at Samudra Mahal in Mumbai’s affluent Worli neighbourhood.

Together with his wife Sunita and son Vaibhav, Agarwal purchased the residence. On this deal, the family has already paid roughly Rs 2.40 crore in stamp duty.

One of the priciest apartment deals in the nation, the deal values the opulent pad at more than Rs 1.27 lakh per square foot. The duplex, which has 3,638 square feet of carpet space, is located on the 17th and 18th floors of the building on Dr. Annie Besant Road that faces the sea.


  1. What is Raamdeo Agrawal’s largest holding?

    The Development Credit Bank Ltd. is the largest investment for Raamdeo Agarwal’s business. Since 2016, its share price has doubled. Additionally, he has financial stakes in Infosys, Eicher Motors, and Hero Honda.

  2. Who is Raamdeo Agrawal’s greatest influence?

    As an inspiration, he treasures Warren Buffett.

  3. Are any books penned by Raamdeo Agrawal?

    The Art of Wealth Creation is a book by Raamdeo Agrawal.

  4. Who was the first customer of Raamdeo?

    Darshan Singh Tuli, a trader in unlisted shares, was his first client.

  5. What advice-giving services does Raamdeo Agrawal provide?

    The Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOFL) company was founded in 1994. He also established Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Limited (MOIA), Motilal Oswal Investment Management Company Limited, to expand his advisory service offerings (MOMCL).

  6. When did Raamdeo Agrawal attain billionaire status?

    Raamdeo Agrawal was formally recognised by Forbes as a billionaire in 2018.

  7. Who are Raamdeo Agrawal’s wife and children?

    His son Vaibhav Agarwal was born into his marriage to Mrs. Sunita Agarwal.


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