Skippy Peanut Butter recalls products for steel bits

 Due to the possibility of steel fragments, Skippy Foods LLC voluntarily recalled its products currently released in the market. 

They recalled more than 9,000 cases of peanut butter from 18 states. That amounts to nearly 170,000 total pounds of selected peanut butter products.  

The recall was due to a “slight” possibility of having a small fragment of steel from a piece of manufacturing equipment in a limited number of jars. Skippy’s parent company, Hormel Foods, said that less than 2mm size of one fragment may have smashed from the machine during the repair. To reduce the risk and panic situation, they announced a recall situation.  

The latest notice from the Food and Drug Administration website stated that the affected products could be any of the following with an expiry date of early May 2023: 

  • Skippy reduced-fat creamy 
  • Peanut butter spread 
  • Reduced-fat chunky peanut butter spread 
  • Creamy peanut butter blended with plant protein 

The company assured that no other products were under suspicion other than the listed above. The number two peanut butter brand in the US, Skippy, is known to be highly credible.  

The 18 states that received the recall notice are California, Florida, Connecticut, Hawaii, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, New York, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and new jersey, and Wisconsin.   

To eliminate further complexities, Skippy offers refunds for the returned items. If the consumer fails to deliver the products to the respective store, they can contact the company directly through the consumer engagement toll number to resolve the issue. 

At present, the company has not faced any complaints from consumers regarding the issue.   

“Skippy Foods, LLC, out of an abundance of caution and emphasizing the quality of its products, is issuing the recall to ensure that consumers are made aware of the issue. The manufacturing facility’s internal detection systems identified the concern,” the company said stated in a public notice. 

The company website issued the complete details of recalled items which you can check at for further information. 

Skippy was originally owned by Unilever PLC and was later acquired by Hormel for $700 million in 2013.  

Apart from Skippy, Hormel also owns a good assortment of household brands, including Planters, Spam, Dinty Moore, The Austin, and Minn.  

Product recalls are not new in the food industry. For the past years, recalls have occurred in various companies due to various causes like contamination and exposure to harmful organisms, allergens, and unwanted and harmful substances in the food package. 

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