Sri Lankan Cabinet Ministers Resign En Masse Amid Economic Crisis

As the crisis deepened, the Sri Lankan cabinet ministers resigned after a late-night meeting on Sunday. 24 out of 26 ministers resign en masse deepening the crisis. Apart from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his brother Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, all others left their respective positions. 

The nation faces an emergency imposed after many people attempt to attack the President’s home. This causes a nationwide curfew until Monday morning. Besides the curfew, the country is under severe crisis for essential commodities, including food and fuel shortage.  

With the record inflation rate and catastrophic power cuts of social media, they face the worst condition of the nation’s history since independence. The weekend currency rate leads to escalated prices of basic commodities. This raises a high queue line to acquire food and medicines. More often, people return empty-handed due to a shortage of commodities or money. 

Excluding the President and his sibling, the cabinet ministers opposed the ruling party’s tactical drive to resolve the arising crisis by ceasing social media to halt the anti-government actions from the crowd.  

The ministers were urged to resign due to public rage over the government’s alleged actions. The government blacked out dozens of social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.  

Currently, the scenario paves for building new cabinet ministers by the President where few of them might be reappointed. Due to the crowd attempting to storm the President’s home, the government imposed an emergency and declared a curfew till Monday morning. 

According to IANS, the Educational Minister, Dinesh Gunawardena, addressed the media after handing over the minister’s portfolio by stating, “We discussed current issues of the country with the prime minister, and we handed over letters of resignation. All the ministers submitted their letters of resignation so that the President could constitute a new cabinet.” 

“I have informed the President of my resignation from all portfolios with immediate effect in the hope that it may assist HE & PM’s decision to establish stability for the people & the govt of LKA. I remain committed to my voters, my party & the people of #Hambantota,” Namal Rajapaksha, son of the PM, tweeted late last night. 

The government deeds agitate raging citizens and result in protests across the country, including in the nation’s capital. For defying the curfew imposed by the government, over 600 protestors were arrested. Ahead of the massive public protest on Monday, the government imposed a 36-hour curfew from Saturday. The protestors demanded the resignation of the President and prime minister.  

Many citizens burned out against the government by tweeting. One said, “The Cabinet resigning but @PresRajapaksa remaining as prime minister and @GotabayaR as President is a sick joke. Their family cabal turned #SriLanka into their fiefdom and looted it. They should go and be held accountable for the ruin of the nation #GotaGoHome202.” 

Another said, “We want all of you gone – the Rajapaksas, the cabinet, their political henchmen, the corrupt cronies, their media guys. All of them.” 

The President and the prime minister scheduled a meeting on Monday morning to settle the future of the government. However, the minister’s resignations were not finalized by the government. 

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