Talent agents used to scam Molly Shannon into getting her roles on ‘SNL.’

Among the most iconic comedic actors of the last 20 years, Molly Shannon is one of the most widely recognized. There is no doubt that Shannon has dominated several big and small screens over the years, from Saturday Night Live to blockbuster movies. While Shannon has always been able to secure roles, it hasn’t always been easy for her. Recent revelations by the actress have revealed how she could entice talent agents into meeting with her by using a trick.

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In the movies and on television, Molly Shannon has had a successful career

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It’s best to know Shannon for her role as Mary Katherine Gallagher on Saturday Night Live, where she created iconic characters such as Sally O’Malley and Mary Katherine Gallagher, as well as impersonated stars like Courtney Love and other celebrities. 

There have been several films in which the actor has starred over the years, including How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Wet Hot American Summer, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Aside from Twin Peaks, Will & Grace, 30 Rock, Glee, and The White Lotus, Shannon has starred in several other television shows.

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During the fall of 2017, Molly Shannon and a friend allegedly scammed agents into agreeing to meet with them

In Los Angeles, Shannon lived as a waitress while she hustled for roles as an actor before joining the cast of Saturday Night Live. The two women launched a scheme to trick agents into agreeing to meet with them to land one of their favorite projects: Celebrity Autobiography, a stage show that packs a punch, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, a reality television show. 

During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Shannon explained that it was called the Mamet Scam. It was a strategy that we thought was going to help us get into the doors of the agents, and that’s what we did. The character I created was Liz Stockwell, and I had a fake biography about her. The character played by Eugene Pack was Arnold Katz, and we would call for each other and pretend to be each other’s so that we could call whichever agent we wanted to meet as long as we were pretending to be each other’s agents.”

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In her words, “I’d say, ‘Hello, this is Liz Stockwell from David Mamet’s office, and I’m calling from the office of Liz Stockwell.’

We want to speak with this agent. ” We told them, ‘Oh my gosh! ” They were like, ‘Oh my gosh! ” They would put the agent on the phone right away.”

It’s incredible how much David speaks highly of your company, so when I talked with David about your company, and I mentioned that we have a kid out here that’s in David’s next play. It’s like, you’ve got to meet this kid.” she laughed.

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As a rule, when it came to sales, Shannon explained to me that it was always a rule that you could not hang up the phone until you had the credit card in hand. 

This is the same strategy we used when it came to the Mamet scam. It was like, ‘Don’t hang up until the appointment is set up.'” He said, “I was just talking to you, so don’t hang up.”

Continuing, she said, “For example, if this agent were to say to me, “I would appreciate it if Eugene contacted me as soon as he arrived.” I would say, ‘No.’ There was an answer for every obstacle,” she finished.


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