Ugadi Festival, all set for 2022 celebration

The Hindu festival of Ugadi, also known as Yugadi, takes place on the first day of the new year. It is mostly celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. Ugadi brings the freshness of a new year with it, enhancing the people’s excitement.  

According to the Hindu calendar, Yugadi is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month. This year, on April 2nd, Ugadi will be celebrated. Gudi Padwa, as it’s known among Hindus in Marathi and Konkani, is a day of great joy and devotion. 

Ugadi 2022
Muggu (rangoli) arrangement used in Ugadi

Yugadi is made up of two words. “Telugu residents refer to the festival as “Yugadi,” whereas Karnataka residents refer to it as “Yugadi.” 

According to folklore, Lord Brahma created the universe on the same day as Ugadi. This festival celebrates Lord Brahma’s role in the creation of the universe. Lord Brahma introduced the concept of days, weeks, months, and years. A yuga is a period, while an adi measures something’s worth. This is why Ugadi marks the universe’s beginning or first day. 

Lord Vishnu is known as Yugaadikrit, “the creator of ages” in Hindu scriptures. Therefore, Kannadigas and Telugus worship Lord Vishnu for prosperity and happiness. 

It’s also the occasion that signals the start of spring and the return of warmer weather after a long winter.  

The day is commemorated by drawing colorful patterns on the floor called Muggulu, mango leaf decorations on doors called Torana, buying and giving new clothes as gifts, giving charity to the poor, followed by a special oil bath, preparing and sharing special foods.  

Karnataka is known for its holige, obattu, and mango pickles. In Andhra Pradesh, dishes like “pulihora, bobbatlu, Burelu, and Pachadi,” and fresh mango recipes are prepared during this festival. Fresh mango leaves are used to decorate their front entrances.  

Mango leaves and coconuts are considered auspicious in Hindu tradition and are used during Ugadi. People also scrub the front of their house with water and cow dung paste, then decorate it with vivid designs. People visit temples to pray. 

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, and spicy flavors are all present in the pachadi, a traditional celebration food. Telugu and Kannada Hindu traditions are a symbolic reminder to expect a wide range of experiences in the coming new year and make the most of them. 

Ugadi, also known as Souramana Ugadi or Mesha Sankranti, is a Hindu festival celebrated in Karnataka when the Sun enters the Aries Constellation, which is also the festival of Baisakhi, and is known locally as Souramana Ugadi or Mesha Sankranti for followers of the Souramana calendar system. 

The Hindu festival of Ugadi has a long and glorious history, with historical documents and inscriptions indicating that on this day, significant cash offerings were made to Hindu temples and communal institutions. 

In many other parts of India, notably Maharashtra’s Gudi Padwa, the same day is observed as a Hindu New Year, and it is a national public holiday in Mauritius. 

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